What A Glorious Summer We’re Having…

I lie on the ground feeling the fresh, green grass press against my cheek. Face down, at the edge of my gaze I can see the clear blue sky above me; fluffy white clouds gently scudding by.

What a glorious summer we are having.

I feel the warmth of the afternoon sun on my cooling body as the soft summer breeze gently lifts my ripped shirt. A child’s laughter carries across the warm air.

Please God don’t let them come back here!

His flip-flops make a slap, slap, slapping sound as he walks away from me. I always hated those damn flip-flops. Brown, with a nude woman on each sole. Tacky.

Not quite the class act he’d sold himself as.

The sound echoes across the garden. I can just make out the glint of metal in his hand as my vision starts to blur and fade.


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